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We give riding lessons adjusted to all ages and levels. The riding lessons, that most of the time are given in the form of private instruction, include both theory and practice.

Our professional instructors will see to that you get out the most from each riding lesson.

Our horses are well kept, schooled and easy to handle.

There are several stables and 4 riding rings on the premises. Depending on the rider's experience it is also possible to hack out.

No matter the children's riding skills, we always put safety first and allow the children to get self confidence or increase it. We see to that the childen ride horses that are suitable for their age and riding skills. The childen also get basic instruction in handling and taking care of horses, as grooming and sadling.


You have never sat on a horse but always wanted to test horseback riding. With us you get a safe start in what might become your new hobby. You learn to get balance, the right seat and to use the aids correctly. You will also learn how to tack a horse.

You wish to develop and perfect your riding skills and your style. We give lessons adjusted to your level in several diciplines, for example classical dressage and Spanish dressage.

Are you a group of people wanting to arrange a nice activity together?
We help you in planning your accomodation and your horseback riding. You can choose accomodation with self-support, only bed & breakfast or with meals included.
We can even arrange a private party at the prmises if you wish.
Contact us for booking or to get more information.

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